Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment Solutions

The staffing industry is booming in recent times. Thanks to the changing business dynamics coupled with recurring instability and constant transformations in economy. Organizations need skilful professionals who will not only survive the changes but also perform to deliver the best.

This is where Vynathajam helps to bridge the gap to find such skilful professionals who make a remarkable difference to the organization with their expertise. We have a successful record of hiring permanent employees to organizations of any capacity and calibre. We thereby help organizations to expand their businesses and also multi-fold their business profits.

Our permanent staffing solution is tailor-made to suit your business needs and efficiency. We follow a strict and transparent hiring process when it comes to selecting the right candidates with the right candidature. We ensure to deliver employees who prove to be an asset to your organization. Thus, you can entrust your responsibility on our shoulders and we promise to effortlessly deliver the most desirable employees for your organization.

Your only destination to leasing an employee with minimal costing, zero effort and hazel-free recruitment process

Employee leasing service is a friendly staffing service that benefits organizations that look for eminent employees to expand their business to reach new goals. This service is the most sought after service in recent times. Here, the organizations lay the responsibility of employee leasing to staffing giants.

Vynathajam is one such leading staffing solution provider of employee leasing solutions to all those organizations who look for the right recruitment assistance. Our strategic approach in handling the complex labour laws and adhering to the statutory requirements in employee leasing has made us the most preferred partner of many organizations. Vynathajam provides the most commendable employee leasing solution to organizations by successfully managing end-to-end administrative and HR related operations.

Our presence in employee leasing domain has not only yielded fruitful results for us and employees but also the organizations that have assigned their responsibility to us. In this model, the organizations can now focus their energy on growth and expansion of their business and revenue instead of mundane, exhaustive and expensive employee leasing processes. We assist in managing payroll processing and handle risk administration along with other related expenses of leased employees.

Temporary Staffing service was once seen as an alternate option to replace the absence of employees at work place for a considerable amount of time. However, as time passed by, temporary staffing service trend has gained momentum and has been regarded as a highly successful and widely embraced staffing solution across the globe. It provides the right solution at the right time for the organizations that mandates hiring of skilled employees only for a specific project/task or a fixed tenure.

Vynathajam is a leader in temporary as well as seasonal and contractual staffing services. We ensure to abide and follow the norms of the staffing industry and thus succeed in recruiting the most apt as well as the best temporary employee for your organization. We cater recruitment solutions across verticals such as software, retail, manufacturing, supply chain, support services, automobiles etc.

At Vynathajam, our team of professional experts in recruitment aim at quality delivery than quantity delivery, thus our well-planned hiring process will screen and recruit the most sensible and dedicated candidates for our organization on our payroll so that, you can now concentrate on the core of your business rather than dealing with screening, interviewing and on-boarding formalities.

We offer a wide range of services relevant to the life cycle of an employee at an organization. In other words, we provide hiring solutions, HR administration solutions and also aid in statutory compliance activities

Vynathajam with its rich experience has gradually evolved to become the powerhouse of providing executive search solutions. Our solution proves to be the best for not only the employer but also for the executive or employee because we believe in offering careers rather than jobs.

Our strong foothold in this domain has won us many accolades among top organizations and thus we today stand as the most preferred staffing solution provider for corporates. We believe strongly by the saying that goes “All that starts well ends well” so, we assist you in providing eminent executives to build and grow the organization at all levels and grades.

We always work towards meeting your needs and expectations when it comes to searching executives. We analyse and map the skills, knowledge-level, experience along with organization’s perspective and the role of the executive, so that we succeed to provide the most promising executive to your organization.

Our Master Vendor Services guarantees authentic solutions to your organization. We consult and work according to your needs and requirements and offer best results. We as the only point of contact for all your recruitment services will provide you the best service in the market that will also suit your requirements.

At Vynathajam, we have also mastered the skill of managing secondary suppliers who are involved at various stages of recruitment process. We have channelized the costing framework not only for ourselves but also from the employer perspective which means that you save a lot of money with our unique costing.

Being your only contact we ensure to handle secondary vendors, employment related activities, management of payroll and also monitor compliance activities. Thus, the next time you think of Master Vendor Services just think of us. We are happy to help you.

We follow a unique methodology when it comes to placement of employees. We map the employees to the requirements, employers and trends in the market. We then initiate the placement procedure. We ensure to place the best employee to the organization and in the same manner offer the best placement to the employee.

This is the very reason why more and more organizations and employers rely on us for their service. Our service is fool-proof and we do not allow any loop-holes to interrupt our procedure. Our placement service is functional across domains and industries such as retail, manufacturing, software, hardware etc.

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